Nursery Play Rooms

Our two play rooms offer a large playroom, each with access to the garden, encouraging both indoor and outdoor learning. The rooms are set up to encourage the children to freely move around them and explore their surroundings. The play rooms are decorated in natural colours and support a relaxed atmosphere. Each play room has well qualified and trained staff to help them deliver the very best outcomes. Each play room offers parents termly stay and play sessions, for parents to join in the fun of the play rooms.

Caterpillar Room

The caterpillar room has children from 2- approximately 3 years. The children are in a smaller group in this play room to promote interaction and language development. The room enjoys lots of exploration activities which involve getting messy and exploring lots of different resources, and textures. Our daily planning is suited to each child’s individual needs, next steps and development from the Early Years Foundation Stage. Staff work closely with parents to deliver the best activities to promote ore and wonder to all our children.

Butterfly Room

Is a large Preschool room, set up ready for the children to explore independently. They have access to lots of different resources and activities to encourage the best outcomes through the Early Years Foundation Stage. Staff observe children and plan for their individual needs daily, tailored for the children’s interests. The Butterfly room enjoys getting ready for school through fun, exciting and capturing activities. Your child’s key worker will work closely with parents to include them in each stage of your child’s learning.

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